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Liquid Diet Articles


Aw shucks, Cat-turned-Swan takes the plate

Odd spot

A surgically attached mesh tongue patch that makes eating painful is catching on in California. The patch, kept on for a month, acts as a torturous daily reminder not to eat, with nutrients taken in by a liquid diet. The inventor says he is helping people defy their genetics.

Diet Gets Rowing Crew Into Top Shape

Diet and exercise are extolled by most Australians as the basic tenets of healthy living in the '90s. In competitive sport, the importance of nutrition is unquestionable and a strong correlate of peak performance. Nearly all competitive athletes receive dietary advice as a integral part of their t

Young Girls Trapped On The Diet Treadmill

IT was pint-sized Joanna's father who first suggested she lose weight. "A diet, daddy?," the five-year-old asked. "What's that?" Five years later, Joanna and the other 10-year-olds in her class at Willoughby Public School on Sydney's north shore are well-versed in the art of

Bill Bubb's Got A Cold, Cold Baby

Dr Bill Bubb has a monstrous new baby. It fills an entire room, lives on a liquid diet of helium and nitrogen and will wipe the magnetic imprint off your credit card if you stray as near as a neighbouring room. Dr Bubb's new more